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ComiX is an open source utility developed just for funny users.

ComiX stablish shortcuts to the most famous cartoons and offer you a new one day by day, having the possibility to access the previous ones.

Comics are ordered by name, you can read them in slideshow, and a small selection of them would be:

5th Wave, 9 to 5.

Adam@Home, Agnes, Alcaraz Lalo, Andy Capp, Animal Crackers.

Baldo, Ballard Street, B.C., Big Top, Bob The Squirrel.

Clear Blue Water, Compu-Toon, Condorito, Conad Paul, Conered, Carlson, Cathy, Cats with Hands.

Danziger Jeff, Davies Matt, Deep Cover, Dick Tracy, Dinette Set.


Flight Deck, Flo & Friends, Flying McCoys, For Heaven’s Sake.

Gasoline Alley, Garfield, Gil Thorp, Calvin & Hobbes.

HandelsmanWalt, Heart of the City, Heathcliff, Helen Sweetheart of the Internet, Herbn and Jamaal, Higgins Jack, Horsey David, Housebroken, Hubert and Abby.

Idiot Box, Inthe Bleachers.

K Chronicles, Kudzu.

La Cucaracha, Liberty Meadows, Locher Dick, Loose Parts, Lost Sheep, Lowe Chan, Luckovich Mike, Lucky Cowby.

In additiion you can download them and save it to your HD.
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